Radio documentary : February 2012 ‘6Party’ Occupation Destabalizes McGill University

6Party, CKUT

CKUT Radio documentary by Davide Mastracci was initally aired on Off The Hour, CKUT 90.3fm on September 13, 2013.

In February 2012, a six-day occupation of the McGill University’s James Administration Building unsettles McGill’s status quo. It was a direct action tactic not specifically related to tuition increases and the Québec student strike but was in direct opposition to university administration challenges to student democracy. 6Party challenged how student fees are collected at McGill University and how they are disbursed to student groups like CKUT radio and QPIRG McGill and how students can easily opt out of fees collected for certain student groups but not for other services offered at the university .

CKUT’s Davide Mastracci prepared this radio documentary that was aired on February, 13 2013 during the show Off The Hour.


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