Media Studies Graduate Students Renew Strike in Line With GSA

2012 © Eduardo Fuenmayor

Dear Faculty, Staff and Fellow Students,

After careful deliberation, students in the MA Media Studies program at Concordia University have collectively decided to renew our strike on an ongoing basis in line with Concordia’s Graduate Students Association, to be reviewed weekly. We demand that the Charest government open dialogue with students and rescind the scheduled tuition hikes. To review our full position, please view our statement online here.

We will send a letter to each of our course instructors in Communication Studies to make clear our intentions regarding the submission and evaluation of coursework and to suggest tangible ways that our professors may support us at this time.

We appeal to faculty for continued solidarity in our struggle against the Charest government’s position. Once again, we appreciate the support faculty have provided thus far, and we encourage you to continue supporting us in our call for accessible education.


MA Media Studies Students
Department of Communication Studies
Concordia University

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